What is a Car Mot?

Every year, starting from the age of three, a car should, by law in the United Kingdom, carry out a Mot test. But what exactly does Mot do and why is it important?
During an MOT (Ministry of Transport), the most important parts of your vehicle are controlled, ranging from the brakes and the fuel system to lights, mirrors, seat belts, windshield wipers and exhaust system to make sure they meet the legal standards.
When you have an Mot, you are ensuring that your vehicle is protected to drive on UK roads.
The Mot test assesses whether a vehicle meets the requirements of road safety, level of exhaust emissions and environmental standards.
This comprehensive Mot guide will cover off the important things you need to know, why car Mot is important, including what gets checked in a test and what to do if your vehicle fails.
We will likewise look at an Mot checklist to help you prepare for the test.
Below we cover all the points that you need to consider as a car owner in the annual vehicle Mots check.
How does the Mot test work?
When does one need to get an Mot test?
Is there a grace period for an Mot?
A pre-Mot checklist
Complete Mot checklist
How much does an Mot cost?
How long does an Mot take?
What car needs an Mot?
Can you drive with a failed Mot?
What if your car fails its Mot?
Retest after a repair
Returning it for a retest within 10 working days
What is a Car Mot
How does the Mot test work?
During the Mot test, the important parts of your vehicle are usually checked to ensure they meet the legal standards.
When does one need to get an Mot test?
At the point when your vehicle is three years of age from the date of its registration, it will require its first Mot test and after that, it should be retested every year on the anniversary of its last Mot test.
Once passed, you will receive a Mot test certificate with the date of the test and the expiry date in order to know when the vehicle requires a new Mot.
Is there a grace period for an Mot?
No. As soon as your Mot has expired, it becomes illegal to drive your car on the road. Doing so risks being prosecuted. Is there a Mot grace periodFurthermore, it is not possible to tax a vehicle without a current Mot certificate.
It is very important to take note of when the Mot expires, so that sufficient time is allowed to retest the car and issue a new certificate. This can be in the last month before the deadline.
A pre-Mot checklist should entail the following actions:
Your car should be clean, inside and out. A trunk full of clutter and an excessively dirty car, especially if the license plate is no longer visible, can cause a failed Mot.
Check that the windscreen wipers are in good condition and with no tears.
Check and confirm that all lights are in working order and function properly.
Check tyre tread using the 20p test and tyre pressure too.
Top up all fluid levels – screen wash, brake fluid, and oil.
Check that the horn works perfectly
Complete Mot checklist;
Doors and openings
Exhaust and emissions
Seats and seatbelts
Tow bar
Vehicle identification
Wheels and tyres
Windows and mirrors
Mots are pretty simple, however, here are some things to consider regarding costs, failed Car Mot and Retest.
How much does an Mot cost?
The amount you pay for an Mot test varies depending on the type of vehicle, but there is a maximum charge.
The maximum Mot rate for a car with up to eight passenger seats is £ 54.85. For a motorcycle, it’s £ 29.65. For the most part, the larger the vehicle, the higher the maximum rate.
How long does an Mot take?
An Mot test does not take much time. The test lasts 45 minutes to an hour and some owners choose to wait while the vehicle is inspected.
If repairs are needed after the Mot test, the process will take longer.
What car needs an Mot?
Vehicles registered before 1960 are exempt from requesting an Mot.
However, this has been changing since May 20, 2018, which means that cars that are 40 or older will be exempt unless the vehicle has undergone substantial changes. Furthermore, large commercial vehicles and commercial buses will not be included in this exemption.
What if your car fails its Mot?
If your car or vehicle is judged to be a failed Mot, you will be given the so-called ‘refusal’ of a Mot certificate. This is referred to as a VT30 module. It indicates the reasons for Mot’s failure.
Retest after a repair
It is mandatory to fix all major and dangerous faults to make your car roadworthy and then arrange a partial Mot test where your car has to pass before you can drive it back onto the roads.
In some cases, the car may undergo a partial free retest or a reduced Mot rate.
Returning it for a retest within 10 working days
You’ll only need a partial retest if you take the vehicle from the test center for repairs and take it back within 10 working days. You may be charged a partial retest fee for this.
You will only need a partial retest if you take the vehicle from the test center for repairs and resume it within 10 working days. A partial retest fee may be charged for this.
As a car owner, it is your obligation to take your vehicle for regular maintenance in a reputable garage.
It is very important to find Mot testing that carries out the work correctly. A reliable Mot center gives car owners, annual peace of mind.
Our Mot tester will help carry out all the necessary inspection on your vehicle. These include the interior, interior, underneath the vehicle, and under the bonnet.
We test your vehicle meticulously and if you want, we can check other parts of your car while the Mot test is being carried out.
At our car garage, we are able to offer very competitive service and Mot packages ensuring your car is safe and worthy for the road.
The work carried out by our qualified professionals will tempt you to bring your car again for next Mot test.
So it you live in sittingbourne and want an Sittingbourne MOT book today. Contact us today
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