Top Tips to pass your MOT

Taking your vehicle in for a regular service is an awesome approach to keep it fit as a fiddle, yet there’s no prep required on your part as there’s no test to pass. Then again, MOTs will choose if your vehicle is road legal or not, taking your car in for a regular service is a great way to keep it in good shape, but there’s no prep involved on your part as there’s no test to pass. On the other hand, MOTs will decide if your car is road worthy or not, so it’s important that it passes first time if you don’t want to pay for repairs.
MOT Test top tips
This handy checklist will help you get your car ready for its MOT test, giving you a heads up about the main areas that’ll be tested on the day.
  • Tyres. The minimum legal tyre tread is 1.6mm, so check the small raised areas at the bottom of the grooves and snap up some new tyres if they’re thin or bare.
  • Lights. It’s easy to have a bulb go without you noticing, so make sure all your lights –headlights, sidelights, indicators and registration plate bulbs – work and get them replaced if not. Faulty bulbs are the most common reason for failed MOT tests, so don’t let a little thing like this get in the way of yours.
  • Windscreen. If you have windscreen cracks that are bigger than 1cm in diameter, you’ll probably need to get it repaired or replaced before your MOT test. Check that your wipers are in good nick and replace them if needs be. You may as well top up your screen wash while you’re at it.
  • Brakes. Check that you don’t have any visible leaks from your brake pipe. If your car has ABS brakes, make sure the warning light works.
  • Dashboard. Check that all the lights on your dashboard come on when you turn the key.
  • Bodywork. A spot or two of rust probably won’t lead to an MOT mess-up, but big rusty panels and gaps where your bodywork used to be could spell trouble.
  • Mirrors. It sounds obvious, but all your mirrors, including rear-view and wing mirrors, need to be in good condition so you can see what’s going on around you when you’re driving.
  • Exhaust. If your exhaust pipe’s loose or making a strange noise, you may need to get it fixed if you want to pass your MOT test.
  • Seatbelts. All your seatbelts need to be fully functional, so give these a quick check.
  • Registration plates. Your registration plates should be clean, legal and easy to read.
Seeing as you’ll need to fix anything that isn’t working in the long run, you may as well get ahead of the game and ensure the MOT process is as quick, convenient and affordable as can be.
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