When does my car need an mot?

When does my car need an mot?
This is a common question that I get asked every day, so I thought I would clear a few things up.
Starting with your new Vehicle, you have been loving it in your new car, with nothing to worry about until the car regulations catch up with you.
We are talking about the emphasis on the roadworthiness and condition of your car. When you have a new vehicle, you can safely assume the safety of the car won’t ever be in question. It can be so easy at times to go on your daily life and forget the car’s very first MOT test due date.
All cars over 3 years old require an MOT and then every 12 months, for more details check out DVSA guidelines.
Also, click here to see when you MOT due Date is!
There are so many things we take for granted especially with a new car. We should always do basic safety checks on our cars just because it is new doesn’t mean everything is said.
When was the last time you checked your tyres? sittingbourne mot
This is, without doubt, the most important check you can make on your car. Having worn-out tyres can mean the only contact between yourself and the tarmac is past its best. This is an accident waiting to happen.
Every day you might put your family into this car bringing them into harm’s way it completes tyre failure. But if this isn’t enough to deter you how about a £2500 fine and 3 points on your licence for a worn out tyre.
The legal tyre depth for UK cars is 1.6mm going across the central three quarters. That means between the centre part of your tyre must meet this minimum requirement.
Just to give you an idea of what the difference a low tyre tired makes to your stopping distance, the difference between 3mm worn and 1.6mm stopping distance can be as big as 44% difference
For more up to date information click here
So next time you are not sure if the tyres are worn pop into Mot in Sittingbourne to make sure you are safe and legal. Contact us today or to find out more about us click here
This is just one of the things we take for granted. So do your basic checks today
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