How regularly do you require a MOT?

All vehicles 3 years of age or more are required to have a valid MOT test, which ought to be done every year. It is your obligation to guarantee your vehicle is analyzed at regular intervals. You can discover the expiry date of your MOT on your current MOT test declaration and you can have your vehicle MOT tried up to 28 days ahead of time. The expiry date on your new MOT is a year from the expiry of your old one instead of a year from the day you took the test, so as long as your MOT test is expected in the following 28 days, you won’t lose any days for having your vehicle tried early.
Without a present MOT endorsement, you will be not able drive your vehicle legally or reestablish your street impose. The punishment for not having an up and coming MOT authentication could be a fine. Also if the vehicle is involved in an accident you may be asked to produce your MOT certificate. An insurance claim could be affected by the absence of your MOT, especially in the case of injury
Late computerisation of the MOT testing framework by DVSA implies police and versatile camera units would now be able to check remotely to check whether your vehicle has a present MOT.
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