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How Often You Should Service a Car: Your Vehicle Maintenance Guide

A man in overalls writes to a clipboard. Mechanic. Car inspection

It’s essential to keep your car well-maintained if you want it to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how often they should service their car or what services are necessary, and they tend to wait until something goes wrong before bringing it in for a car service! Wondering how often you […]

What does MOT mean? All your MOT questions answered

Set of spanners on a dark background. Many wrenches of different sizes. Work tools and equipments.

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. It is an annual test that all vehicles in the United Kingdom must undergo to ensure that they are roadworthy. The MOT test checks a variety of components on your vehicle, including brakes, tyres, and emissions. In this article, we will answer all of your questions about the MOT […]

How Long Does an MOT Take? Everything You Need to Know About MOTs

At a car dealership, buying a car

If you’re a car owner in the UK, then at some point you’ll need to get an MOT. This is an annual safety inspection that all cars must undergo in order to keep driving on the roads. In this blog post, we will talk about everything you need to know about MOTs!   Are you […]

Why Should You Service Your Car?

Home > Blog Why Should You Service Your Car? It is essential to get your car checked and serviced regularly. There are different car services and maintenance measures that help keep the car steady and in a perfect condition. These services include: Getting the engine checked Getting the oil replaced Getting the car transmission checked […]

Historical past and Leisure Sittingbourne 1

Home > Blog Historical past and Leisure Sittingbourne 1 Living record is everywhere in Sittingbourne, with sailing trips leaving from the Sailing Burst Edith May; a reconstructed Old Forge Wartime Home experience and the famous Sittingbourne Heritage Museum. Energetic ones can also enjoy a range of sport, leisure and swimming facilities at Swallows leisure centre, […]

Activities in Swale 4

Home > Blog Activities in Swale 4 Attractions and exercises in the Swale zone of North Kent And in addition the untainted rustic scenes that are normally a piece of Swale, the clamoring towns of Faversham, Sheppey and Sittingbourne additionally include various broadly renowned attractions and give the Borough its remarkable character and appeal. Take […]

Arrive and explore Sittingbourne 2

Home > Blog Arrive and explore Sittingbourne 2 Arrive and explore SittingbourneKent’s modern market town of Sittingbourne as well as its near by Milton Regis have a rich history in paper-making, brick-making and barge-building. Indeed – it is because of such industries and Milton Creek that Sittingbourne is where it is today! And lots of […]

Kent Science Park 6

Home > Blog Kent Science Park 6 Kent Science Park is a national focus of greatness and a creating group for R&D, life sciences, ecological innovation, nourishment security, cutting edge designing, ICT and learning based administration enterprises. The Park was as of late granted Best Life Science Research Facility in South East England.  Set in […]

Development in Sittingbourne 3

Home > Blog Development in Sittingbourne 3 There have been two noteworthy advancements concerning the fate of Sittingbourne town focus. The consortium behind the £57 million recovery has submitted two arranging applications for substantial retail units, a drive-through takeaway and a lodging. What’s more, in a different move, an engineer has uncovered plans to transform […]